Services We Provide To The Community

Being a rural fire company we have to be well equipped to deal with most any emergency. The largest portion of our emergency responses comes from Motor Vehicle Accidents. Having Pine Grove Mountain is our coverage area increases the number of accidents we respond to, so we are well equipped to handle these types of emergencies. We also Respond to all types of fires. These include Structure fires, Car fires, Woods and Brush fires. One of the newer emergencies we deal with is Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is a posionous gas that is generated from furnaces, cars, wood and coal burners. Keeping all of you heating systems in good repair will minimize your danger to Carbon Monixide. It is oderless and colorless, that is what makes it so dangerous to people. Along with smoke detectors, you should also have a carbon monoxide detector.

We also are trained to respond to HAZMAT calls. These types of calls require annual refresher classes and very special training and equipment. Due to the costs associated with these types of emergencies we have limited supplies needed for larger spills or fires, however we can call on our neighboring fire companies for supplies along with the Huntingdon County Emergency Management Agency.


Company History​

The Shavers Creek Valley Community Volunteer Fire Company serves approximately 1,000 residents of West and Barree Townships, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The company had its beginning in 1946 when Irene Boonie expressed her concern about the lack of fire protection in our Central Pennsylvania rural community. Her husband Charles operated an area garage and began discussing the idea with patrons and neighbors. A group was formed, applied for a charter and began to raise funds for equipment.  The first engine, a new 1947 International, equipped with Beam high-pressure fog, was acquired for $7,000. Today Company 11 operates with a 1987 Chevy Brush unit built on a DCNR donated chassis, 1993 International Engine and a 1994 Freightliner 3,000 gal. Tanker, 1997 Chevy 3500 extented cab pick-up, and the newest addition a 1986 Pierce Arrow 7 man cab, 8v92 Detroit Engine, 5-speed transmission, 2000 Gallon per minute Waterous pump, 1000 gallon tank, equipped for fire and rescue, Amkus spreader, cutter and ram. This unit replaced our 1966 International Engine,

We answer approximately 70 calls a year with the primary response being for auto accidents.  Our coverage area of nearly 90 square miles is located 20 miles southeast of State College and the main campus of Penn State University. We provide mutual aid to an additional 8 companies in Huntingdon County.

Fund raising continues to be the main challenge facing the company today. Fundraisers include: annual gun raffle, annual coyote hunt, food sales, square dances, Halloween hayride and annual community auction. Our company is fortunate to have an active auxiliary backing every company activity and also raising funds through ham and turkey suppers and basket bingos. No large businesses or industries are located within the coverage area.  Our main support is from our generous residents and the Supervisors of West and Barree Townships.